Good job, March

This weekend the weather was GLORIOUS! High 70’s and sunny with blossoming trees on every corner. It smelled like Spring and I decided to take full advantage of diaper weather. It won’t be long until wearing just chonies in public is unacceptable, so I decided to let Luke enjoy the freedom that near nakedness provides.DSC_5217-2

Luke is 8 months old and into everything except sitting still. The majority of my afternoon was spent calling Harper and repositioning Luke on his blanket. Sean gets poison oak if he even sees thoseย leaves of three, and I wasn’t ready to find out of that sensitivity is inherited.DSC_5376DSC_5366

Apparently dog toys and baby toys are pretty much synonymous. Luke and Harper trade foam letters for Nylabones, rattles for Chuck It sticks.DSC_5233


Those two are pretty much BFFs. They share toys, they drink out of the same bowl, and they love to lick each other. It’s gross, but in the sweetest kind of way.


We were having a lovely Spring afternoon. And then this happened.DSC_5404


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