Find your beach

March is turning out to be quite the month! Sean and I were leaving Avila Beach on Sunday afternoon and I commented that I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the weather has been, and he replied with slight confusion. “What do you mean? It’s always this nice!” True dat, husband. True dat.

We’re really fortunate to live in such a lovely place. I went to Vegas a few weeks ago for a very informative fun photography convention and I got kind of sad. That city is bleak. I’m not even taking about the after-hours debauchery; I’m talking about the landscape. Sand everywhere, and the only trees are palm and those only count if there’s an ocean nearby. I was stoked to get the window seat on the flight home, but looking down at the desert was depressing. Brown everywhere – very rare was a square patch of grass. So I closed the window and closed my eyes.

And then something magical happened! I woke up and opened the window to see the most beautiful green tapestry! Oak trees and vineyards and rolling hills spread out like a huge “welcome home!” banner. And then I saw it – the crown jewel! OCEAN! I swear, my soul felt better instantly. Home never felt so good!

Here are some pictures of Luke enjoying our beautiful town. Sean was a good dad and remembered to bring beach toys this time. Unfortunately, Luke prefers to play with the plastic umbrella bag and my Corona bottle. Classy kid.

DSC_6625 DSC_6626 DSC_6629 DSC_6635

Pretty sure that’s sand in his mouth.DSC_6655

Not to worry. I snatched that bottle right up and emptied it so he could have his toy. 🙂


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