Easter bunny

Luke is now 9 months old, officially on the outside just as long as he was on the inside. I prefer him out here, crawling and laughing and eating rocks. This is a cute age, my friends. But very different from the baby we had gotten used to having around. Long gone are the days when I could lay him in the middle of our bed while I took a shower, or let him bounce is his chair while I made dinner ordered takeout. Now that he’s mobile, he’s exploring every square inch of our house. Climbing stairs, slamming doors, licking appliances, putting his grimy baby hands on my expensive curtains, even grabbing for the tv remote. I’m trying to teach him the word “no” but Luke must speak some other language because he just keeps sticking his chubby little fingers in the outlets.

It’s fun following his little diaper bum around the house. But it’s nonsense what those celebrities say: Oh, I stay in shape by chasing the baby around. Please. Our house is like 1600 sq feet. That’s not quite equivalent to a day at the gym. I chase Luke all day and I’m still waiting on my six-pack abs to appear.

Here are some photos of our little bunny on Easter. We skipped the egg hunt and just ate candy. Being a parent has perks.

easter-1 easter-2This kid is so awesome.
easter-3 easter-4 easter-5


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