Oh, hey again

I try not to be too hard on myself when I fail at something. After all, life is busy and grace abounds. But radio silence on this blog for like 2 years? That’s downright awful. So there, I feel bad. Really bad. Terrible actually.

And now I’m over it. So let’s begin again, shall we?

Obviously a few things have happened in the past 20 months. Highlights include Luke growing into a funny and energetic toddler, expecting our second McBaby, and buying the worst house in the world that is sucking our souls and our bank account dry our very first house.

Luke is awesome and clever and everyday he surprises me with the things he says. I read in a book somewhere that you should give toddlers choices so they feel like they have control over certain aspects for their lives. For example, you should ask your toddler if he wants to wear the red shirt or the green shirt. Easy enough, right? Not for us. I’ll say something like, “Hey Luke, you have two choices. Would you like to take a bath now or in 8 minutes?” And he’ll respond with, “I want to play with cars or watch TV. Those are my choices.”

Close. Yet so very far from what the parenting book endorses. But here he is being super cute with fashionable Gpa.


Here’s a recent selfie of me glowing sweating. 34 weeks and I am not feeling awesome. You truly forget how uncomfortable the last few weeks of pregnancy can be. I’m not complaining. I know how blessed I am to be carrying this sweet boy, and I felt great until a few weeks ago. This time around has been easier in every way – I threw up way less in the beginning and have actually been a little smaller… until I spent two weeks in San Diego and ate all that home cooked food and Sombreros. I gained 8 lbs while I was down there. So unless this baby weighs in at around 15 lbs, it’s the Mexican food. IMG_8926

And here’s our very own money pit – feast your eyes on this beauty. We really do love this house, but we also hate her. I’ll go into all the reasons in future posts, but in the meantime, just know that when we bought the house in September, we had 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and two living rooms. Now we’re down to 1 bathroom, 1 living room, and no kitchen. But hey, we have a house and for that we’re very thankful. By the way, this is the only photo we have of the exterior. I kept meaning to take one, but then I didn’t. Sorry for the squinting.


See you guys tomorrow for Awkward and Awesome. I know, I know. It better be good.


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