Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Oh man. Post-pregnancy is nothing but weirdness.


Going to the gym for the first time in seven weeks months and the instructor starts the class with jumping jacks. Right, because let’s get this party started by peeing ourselves.

The sniffing that comes along with having a newborn. Sniffing his bottom for poo, sniffing my shirt for old milk, sniffing my hair for poo and old milk. Life is glamorous these days.

Abandoning cart at Trader Joe’s mid-shopping trip because you’re wearing a screaming infant and your two-year old decides to start ramming into strangers with his mini cart. But you already opened your chocolate covered pretzels! Do you steal them, or leave them, or eat them all really fast which is also stealing? Ethics and parenting.


The employees at Trader Joe’s in Templeton. One nice man offered to take my nearly full cart and put everything away since I was clearly not going to make it to checkout, and once super nice lady took Luke by the hand and coaxed him out to our car. Salt of the earth. Just like those salty chocolatey pretzels…

The way Luke can’t pronounce the letter “L” yet. He refers to himself at Woot and to his brother as EY. Nicknames for children – check.

This kid. He looks like an angry old man with a receding hair line. And I just love him and his chunky 12 pound body.



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