Rain. And an elephant.

You guys. It rained. In California. In July. In the middle of a 5 year drought. You better sort out your salvation because these are the end times.


We decided to take advantage of this thing called weather. We mashed Luke’s feet into 2-year-old yet never-been-worn rain boots and hit some puddles. Luckily for us we live on a road with a horrible paving job from the 70’s. There were puddles every 5 feet!

2015-07-20_0001We splashed and we got soaked. But not electrocuted. Thank goodness.DEF_6124


DEF_6165And here’s how a conversation about weather goes these days:

Me: Look! It’s raining!
Luke: How come it’s raining?
Me: Because the clouds brought water.
Luke: How come the clouds brought water?
Me: Because of high pressure or something.
Luke: How come there’s pressure?
Me: Good question. No idea. Look! Lightning!
Luke: How come there’s lightning?
Me: Do I look like a meteorologist?
Luke: What’s a meatrolist?

This little guy can’t really control his neck yet so he missed all the puddle jumping. But he did grasp his elephant toy and take a bath so he had a nice Sunday too.




One thought on “Rain. And an elephant.

  1. Jenni Edwards says:

    YAY! A new blog post! Your boys are darling, and I’m glad to see that you let Luke go play in the puddles. I’m the kind of mom that says “Oh, it’s raining…let’s look outside the window and I’ll make hot chocolate.”

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